Our Mission and Vision

Red River Advisors started with a desire to help individuals, families and businesses take control of their financial future. Our mission is to listen, educate and inspire. Though many clients desire the same outcome, we understand that each client is unique and individual preferences, objectives, and concerns must be considered when constructing a financial plan. Because each client situation is unique, a single financial product does not constitute a financial plan. As we listen and educate clients, we then design a financial plan that meets their holistic needs as opposed to recommending a single product solution or just managing the portfolio investments.

At Red River, we understand that a product doesn’t solve a problem, an advisor does. Once we create a financial plan specific to meet individual client needs, we work with clients to implement the plan. Some clients mistake this step as the end; however, this is just the beginning. There are many things that worry clients and if allowed can derail a sound financial plan. We work with clients always listening, educating and inspiring to stay on track even in the midst of change.

Meet The Team

Tracy Ann Miller

When you work with Tracy Ann Miller, you’re not treated like a client, you are treated like family. “My clients know I’m dependable and that I’ll always be there for them,” says the respected financial planner. “I want them to be able to sleep well at night and know they are securing a better future for themselves.”

Tracy Ann is CEO of Red River Advisors, LLC. She has spent more than two decades in the financial arena. In addition to founding Red River, Tracy Ann is a partner in the financial planning and investment firm Portfolio, LLC: . Her impressive history in financial management includes serving as vice president of a major New York bank, managing estate planning and wealth transfer in the advanced products division of Aegon Insurance Group and serving as vice president of Charles Schwab’s Private Client group.

Tracy Ann’s decision to start Red River came from her desire to work more closely with her clients. “I wanted to work directly with families and individuals to help solve their financial planning problems,” she says.

“As an independent advisor, I work for my clients, not for a company. I’m able to build better relationships with clients and meet more of their needs, as a result.”

Being able to see the “big picture” plays a crucial role in determining these needs, and for Tracy Ann, this begins with learning about her clients. “From their family and their background, to their hopes and their fears, I want to make sure I have all the information,” she says. “Taking a holistic approach to planning helps me understand all the dynamics of my clients’ financial situation.”

And Tracy Ann wants to make sure her clients understand their finances, too. “Before recommending a product or plan, I make sure they understand all of their options,” she says. “I’m not there to sell; I’m there to educate. When my clients are aware of all of their choices, we work together to determine what will make the most sense for them.”

“My clients know I’m dependable and that I’ll always be there for them.”

Tracy Ann is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and has earned professional designations as a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter. She enjoys being active in her community, serving on the boards of the Oklahoma City Estate Planning Council and as Treasurer of her Homeowners Association. When not helping her clients secure their futures, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

Lorraine Ell

Lorraine Ell says what drew her to a career in financial services still excites her to this day. “I saw it as an opportunity to help people,” she says. “Individuals not only need financial guidance in planning for retirement, but also need help transitioning into this stage of their life. Retirement is one of the most significant life changes we will all face, and I assist my clients in making that transition.”

“I talk to clients about what they want to do: Do they want to travel? Do they have a hobby? Are children and grandchildren in the big picture? What is the life they’ve envisioned for themselves? Knowing these nonfinancial things helps me put all of the pieces together.”

An advisor with Red River Advisors, LLC, Lorraine has almost two decades of experience in financial services. She has owned businesses both in the U.S. and abroad, including a registered investment advisory firm she managed with her husband, and a marketing company in Budapest, Hungary. Her international experience has provided her with a distinct understanding of the globalization of economies, markets and finance. It has also given her unique insight into the effects of change.

“When you live through the process a country like Hungary goes through from communism to capitalism and the difficulties of that transition, you begin to understand how quickly things can change,” she says. “This experience taught me how to help people accept and manage change, not just financially, but within their lives.”

To help her clients manage their transition into retirement, Lorraine creates an in-depth financial plan that fits their lifestyle and financial goals to achieve and protect the future they envision. She likens the process to putting together a puzzle.

“Every puzzle is different because each person is unique and presents different circumstances,” she explains. “I use both financial and estate planning in my approach because they give me the pieces I need to help my clients with their retirement puzzle.”

Creating a financial plan requires more than understanding finances, she says. It requires understanding people: “I talk to clients about what they want to do: Do they want to travel? Do they have a hobby? Are children and grandchildren in the big picture? What is the life they’ve envisioned for themselves? Knowing these nonfinancial things helps me put all of the pieces together.”

A graduate of Michigan State University, Lorraine earned a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and a master’s degree in leadership. When she isn’t advising clients on their financial goals, Lorraine helps others reach their educational goals by teaching writing and research courses at the University of Phoenix. She is Chair of the Albuquerque Committee on Foreign Relations, is active in a number of women’s groups and enjoys Flamenco dancing. Despite the physical distance between them, Lorraine enjoys staying involved in the lives of her three sons and four grandchildren.

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