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  • Less Doing – More Being

    It’s 2016! Yay! You’ve resolved to lose weight, eat better, save more, watch less TV – the list goes on. But how about this: I resolve “Less Doing and More Being”.   Evidently, based on research from numerous places over the past few years including Cornell University, San Francisco University, Eventbrite and WebMD, the happiness […]

  • Inflation Solutions

    Could a 2-Minute Video Help Protect Your Golden Years? For those living on a fixed income during retirement, the uncontrollable ups-and-downs of inflation can have a significant impact on how they will live their retirement years. As prices rise for everyday items like food, gas and other essentials, it is critical that retirement income rise […]

  • Avoid Those Baited Berko-Bites

    Recently a client brought in an article from the Sunday business section containing the always entertaining Malcom Berko syndicated column.  The title this week was “Avoid those equity-indexed Annuities”.  ‘Berko strikes again casting fear and disinformation’ would be a better title. As a seasoned financial professional with over 25 years experience including banking, insurance, brokerage […]