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  • Less Doing – More Being

    It’s 2016! Yay! You’ve resolved to lose weight, eat better, save more, watch less TV – the list goes on. But how about this: I resolve “Less Doing and More Being”.   Evidently, based on research from numerous places over the past few years including Cornell University, San Francisco University, Eventbrite and WebMD, the happiness […]

  • Monthly Budget Worksheet

    Let me ask you a question. Would you rather be vacationing on the beach or working as a checkout person at the local grocery store? Pretty obvious answer right? What is the difference between the two people in each of these positions? I would be willing to bet (and I am NOT a gambler) that […]

  • Get Financially Fit in 2014

    More than 40% of Americans make at least one New Year’s resolution. But only 8% of us will keep it. Financial professional Tracy Ann Miller recently talked with KFOR about how to get financially fit in 2014. Here is her month-by-month guideline. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE HOLIDAY BUDGET WORKSHEET HERE January: Start small The first step […]

  • Inflation Solutions

    Could a 2-Minute Video Help Protect Your Golden Years? For those living on a fixed income during retirement, the uncontrollable ups-and-downs of inflation can have a significant impact on how they will live their retirement years. As prices rise for everyday items like food, gas and other essentials, it is critical that retirement income rise […]

  • FINANCIAL PLANNING | Traits of a Good Investor

    What are the Traits of a good investor? We are increasingly finding there are many people out there we just can’t trust! It’s an almost weekly news item that some bank employee, financial advisor, or money manager took advantage of their clients and stole their money. One of the best things you can do for […]