Monthly Budget Worksheet

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather be vacationing on the beach or working as a checkout person at the local grocery store? Pretty obvious answer right? What is the difference between the two people in each of these positions? I would be willing to bet (and I am NOT a gambler) that the person on the beach was someone who figured out how to master the art of BUDGETING!

Yes, most people truly dislike the dreaded “B” word, but if you can lean to embrace it you are on the road to a fabulous vacation as well as control of your financial future. So, download the attached monthly budget worksheet and attack it like it’s the difference between poverty and wealth … I assure it, it might be! Grade yourself on whether your bottom line is healthy and you have a good handle on savings and investments. If you come out with anything other than A+, give me a call. It will be well worth your time for a free evaluation and consultation.

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